Chris Nani, co-founder of CannaRev Solutions, joins Todd & Craig in the Mothership. Chris is currently in his last year at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. Chris worked in Denver explicitly handling cannabis related matters in the business sector, including writing applications, ensuring businesses were state-compliant, and researching regulations. This fall Chris helped co-author a comprehensive white paper on hemp & CBD that was presented to attorneys transitioning into the industry.

CannaRev Solutions provide services to companies and individuals in the emerging cannabis industry.

States where marijuana is now legal could run out of product. Michigan has some 40 newly licensed medical marijuana dispensaries which could face a shortage from license growers. As of this episode there are 12 licenses growers in the state. With planting to usable product taking between 4-6 months dispensaries could face shortages. Home growers will supply the demand as the new laws start to take effect. Supposing a traffic stop is valid, an officer must expeditiously conduct the stop absent any new facts to warrant further detention and a new investigation unrelated to civil infraction. Unless during the stop certain circumstances give rise to officer that criminal activity was afoot, thus the initial stop could be extended. This episode covers a multitude of topics that are current and important to each listener. Enjoy!!

What happens to past criminal convictions for possession of marijuana in states where it is now legal? Are prosecutors dismissing pending possession cases in states that just voted for recreational cannabis? Todd & Craig discuss these topics and more. During one segment Todd rails on courts that order random color coded drug testing before the person is found guilty of any crime. Steve, joins the mother ship to promote global fat bike day. A look at other global cannabis issues is covered along with updates. This episode will not disappoint the listener and will bring you back for more. ENJOY!!

The Great State of Michigannnnnnnnnnnn approved recreational marijuana. This episode discusses what you need to know to abide by the new rules and regulations that govern the state.  NORTH DAKOTA voters said no to free the weed. Utah and Missouri approved medical marijuana. Rachel is back in the mother ship joining Craig & Todd for an in-depth discussion on what this all means. This episode will not let you down. Enjoy!!


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A west coast cannabis company filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to trademark the word "Cannabis" to be used on merchandising. Rachel Levitt joins Todd and Craig in the mother ship to discuss the pros and cons. It is inevitable with so many states passing recreational cannabis laws, that the roadside THC breathalyzer will soon be used by law enforcement. Todd discusses the science and legality behind this device and the companies seeking to cash in on this market. This episode is fun, fast, full of information, and will leave the listener wanting more. 

In one week Michigan will decide whether or not to free the weed. Michigan voters will be deciding the fate of The Mitten becoming a recreational marijuana state. Featuring Rachel Levitt, providing commentary on Proposition 1; how many ounces you can carry, etc. Also, Todd & Craig discuss how to get into Canada if you have a criminal record. Other topics include Todd's Gran Torino, Smart Cars, and much more. 

This episode covers a recent United Supreme Court Case regarding the Fourth Amendment. The federal government obtained court orders directing wireless carriers to disclose cell-site location information (CSLI) under the Stored Communications Act (SCA)  for an individual accused of committing crimes across two states. Todd & Craig, discuss the case and the decision by the higher court. Todd, has an ongoing case where Miranda is an issue. The question is when is Miranda appropriate? When does an individual feel that he or she is not free to leave? Great conversation regarding a marijuana case and Miranda.

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Companies are developing research and technology trying to be first to market with a marijuana breath testing device that can be used by law enforcement and the workplace. These devices will detect (THC-the psychoactive component of marijuana that causes intoxication. Defense attorneys will argue that roadside testing of a persons saliva could and will violate the 4th amendment right of that person by intrusion into their person. There is also an argument that Todd brings forth that each person is affected differently after smoking marijuana and how it impairs there ability to operate a motor vehicle. Where will the THC cut-off be set in relation to states blood alcohol levels. These questions and more are discussed in this episode. Additionally, Rachel Levitt appears on the show providing updates on vapes and how some schools are trying to prevent students from smoking. 

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An electronic e-cigarette is an handheld electronic device that stimulates the feeling of tobacco smoking. It works by heating a liquid to generate an aerosol commonly called a "Vapor" that the user inhales. Users who purchase these devices have options for no nicotine or small levels of nicotine. Additionally, you can use e-cigarettes with no levels of nicotine whatsoever. Others have used these "MODS" to smoke cannabis. The FDA have launched a huge campaign targeting youth to warn of the harmful effects of vaping. 

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This show does not disappoint the listener as Todd & Craig discuss the issue of a person holding a concealed pistol license and whether or not that prevents you from applying for a cannabis license. Also: what is the capitalization requirement in the state pf Michigan to obtain one or more marijuana facilities license? How do I get my driving privileges back after receiving a financial responsibility judgment? What does it mean to apply for a micro grow license come November? Huge show that is full of information and laws with a twist of humor. 

Next weeks show features vaping and how it is under attack.


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