LARA consulted with the Michigan Attorney General's office regarding facilities and dispensaries currently in operation and determined that any regulatory action will require an administrative rule. The department's intent for the emergency rule is to consider any operation of a facility-that would otherwise need to be licensed under the MMFLA-as a potential impediment to licensure if continued after December 15, 2017. LARA will begin accepting license applications for all facilities on that date. This applies to all facilities defined under MMFLA. THIS APPROACH WILL ALLOW EXISTING OPERATIONS TO WIND DOWN WHILE ALSO GIVING ADEQUATE TIME FOR PATIENTS TO ESTABLISH CONNECTIONS TO CAREGIVERS TO HELP ENSURE CONTINUITY OF ACCESS. Source Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). Sara Barber, founder/CEO, CannaBon Therapeutics, joins Todd & Craig in studio as special guest prividing the audience with insight into her comapnies product line and other topics involing cannabis. This episode is non-stop information with the usual twist of humopr and music..Enjoy!!!

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